October 4, 2018

My journey with community so far…

My journey with community started with a YouTube recording on PowerShell in late 2017. Many friends gave encouraging comments after watching the first video and inspired me to continue. Very soon I started Telegram group https://t.me/azuredevopspro dedicated to PowerShell scripting (at that time) on the advice of one of the friend I made from community. The story continued and then I met our friends at AzureTalk https://t.me/AzureTalk . Azure Talk community has been a great motivation in to my learning in Azure, DevOps or now Data Science.

Azure Talk moderator and a great friend Niraj who is currently helping many people and running various community like Azure Talk, AWS Talk, O365 and EMS Talks over telegram inspired me a lot with his dedication to open community specially with Azure where not many open and public community contribution you will find.  He assured me his strong support and commitment to start a DevOps group. We started our journey towards DevOps in Azure space and renamed PowerShell Telegram group to Azure DevOps Pro, got our website www.azuredevopspro.com running. I also met Deepak on AzurTalk itself who is PowerShell MVP and we started our collaboration in the field of DevOps, we hosted couple of basic and advance sessions on Azure DevOps. Progressively we met new friends like Lalit our one stop Azure guy, Rahul the networking buff, Vivek all in one, Avijit our O365 guru and recently we got Pulkesh who is helping many people on Azure Talk. List is yet increasing day by day 🙂

I have started my journey towards Data Science now but equally contributing to DevOps and Azure Talk group. If you haven’t joined yet, you can install Telegram app and join our group at https://t.me/AzureTalk and https://t.me/azuredevopspro.

Here I will continue sharing my learning around Data Science, DevOps or anything else interesting.



Hi, My name is Ashish Raj a published author, MCT and currently working as Sr Cloud & DevOps Architect. I host an IM based DevOps community on Telegram app (https://t.me/AzureDevOpsPro) and also speaks in sessions on various topics related to cloud, IaC, DevOps practices and all other things I learn in my day to day activity.

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